Welcome to From the Tips by SSP 


    Starring the great Brian Bingaman and Ric Landis, From the Tips is here to bring you into the world of golf and everything PGA! Being that we are both huge golf fanatics, we knew we had to bring our perception of golf to you, the listener. We had talked about having a golf podcast for a long time. Our friendship began way back in high school, from there we moved on to ESU in our home state of PA, eventually rooming and playing rugby together! Although we have been best friends for a long time, the one thing that brings us even closer has been golf over the past few years, becoming avid golfers. Through the pandemic that was 2020, we still found our way to play golf, whether it was at a golf course or at the virtual golf experience locally. We are eager and extremely excited to bring you all premier golftent on a weekly basis. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do!

    Hello friends it’s me Ric here to talk about anything and everything golf, the inconsistencies of my golf game are measured in my 6 iron which I can hit anywhere from 150-210 depending on how good or bad I hit it. I started golfing two years ago and got addicted immediately. I love everything PGA and my favorite golfer on tour is Harry Higgs. I’m looking forward to growing the game in a way no one has before!

    What’s up guys it’s Brian! You might know me from OTPP but my other passion is golf! Only got started recently, only after I had ACL surgery and accepted that I’m an old man. Love the game and everything about it, love being a hack and really excited to give you guys the best “golftent” possible!