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    What’s up! My names Brian, also known as Bing, I’m a former collegiate hockey player who’s now a washed up never was. Still have a passion for hockey and a love for the game. I love nothing more than to talk and chirp with the boys about what’s going on in hockey, and all the useless hockey knowledge I know y’all will now be subjected to. Ferda!

    How’s it going guys, names Adam Creighton. I’m a former college radio DJ, Pro Wrestling commentator now entering the hockey podcast game. I’m a massive sharks fan (only one you’re likely to find in the state of PA) and overall hockey nut. With me and my co-hosts knowledge combined I hope to bring you a fresh take on the world of Hockey as well as plenty of laughs and other shenanigans along the way.

    Hey guys, my name is Matt and I am a massive Flyers fan. Although my hockey background only stretches to the streets I have been fortunate enough to go to countless flyers games as well as AHL games. I am excited to use this podcast to talk about all things hockey and break down the thoughts that go through my head when watching the game. Lets get rolling!!!

    Welcome to On The Power Play! Brian, Adam and Matt are here to give you weekly insights into the world of hockey and everything that goes along with it. The thought of our podcast came naturally as all three of us are MASSIVE hockey fanatics. Being part of a group chat revolving around hockey along with having the COO and VP of SSP, Max Lutzker, be a part of it, and hearing the hilarious and amazing thoughts that came from the three of us it came about naturally! Now as the trio known as OTPP, we are ready for the journey to cover all things hockey with some amazing content and laughs all along the way. Take a seat and enjoy!

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