Manager/Pitching Coach

Billy has been playing baseball since he was 5 years old. As a youngster, Billy thrived at the sport of baseball playing mostly shortstop and catcher. It wasnt until he got to the big field that he found his passion for pitching. Billy fell in love with pitching and the art of it. Coached by the legendary Mike Levitan of Oceanside, Billy quickly picked up new skills from one of his baseball mentors. The true grind of the game. If you didnt perform well, you didn't play. This was an incredible life lesson that billy brings with him everywhere. Coach Mike taught Billy 3 pitches that would quickly make him nearly unhittable for the better part of a decade. The Lev Slider, Cutter and Screwball. Billy picked up all 3 very fast and excelled with them, throwing 2 no-hitters, and having a 20 strikeout game using those pitches. Billy went on to play for the Varsity Baseball team at Oceanside High School. Having played 90% of his games as a junior, Billy threw 26 innings with a 0.00 ERA out of the bullpen. Slated to be a starter as a senior, Billy unfortunately had right shoulder labrum surgery in September of 2012, ending those chances of starting. Billy's love and passion for the game of baseball is just as strong today as it was his whole life. Starting a team and coaching it has been a goal for Billy for a long time now, ready to get on the field again and coach the next generation of kids how to play the game right. Specializing in pitching, Billy guarantees his pitchers to be unhittable.

Hitting/Outfield Coach/Third Base Coach

To start it off, Chris is a pure hitter. The kid has absolutely raked his entire baseball career, topping it off hitting .480 in his senior year at Oceanside, whilst also being named All-Conference. Chris is a life long Yankee fan, and it shows. As a left-handed hitter with pop, he was destined to be one. Chris also played a solid outfield, knowing the best ways to track a fly ball, and always hitting his cut-off when necessary. Chris is also known to have tremendous baseball instincts, and taking those talents to the base paths as a semi-elite base runner. 

Chris isn't the loudest, but he will ALWAYS teach and lead by example. With a good head on his shoulders and his thirst for success, Chris is the best hitting coach a kid could have.

Chris specializes in hitting, with a guarantee that his players will rake.


Mike as a youngster was known for his power at the dish as well as on the mound due to his portly size.  He would come in to games to lock down rough situations and get the clutch hit when needed. When the game advanced to the 90ft field his skill didn't translate to the level required and stopped playing the game his sophomore year of high school. His love for the game never waivered supporting his friends throughout high school and feeling like part of the team his senior year going to every game on the way to the county championship game. As a coach and lover of baseball he brings vast preparation and attention to detail and TRUST US, HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING.

Mike ensures to be the most well prepped coach, bringing analytics and all sorts of information to his players to help them succeed.

First Base Coach/Infield Coach

Max grew up a die-hard Mets fan, but also a die-hard baseball fan. Falling in love with the game from a very young age, Max's passion was to play the game he loved. Born with an eye condition, Max was never supposed to be able to even have a catch, but defying all odds, here he is today, having catches with Billy as often as possible. Max played little league for 7 years playing for Mike's dad, and then became the official statistician for the Varsity Baseball team at Oceanside. This is where he met Billy and Chris. Max loves the game of baseball and wants his players to succeed, but have fun while playing the most beautiful game on earth.

Max will keep his players organized and upbeat for every at-bat and every play, in addition to that, he will help players looking out for tendencies and patterns when facing familiar opponents.

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