About us


SouthSide Productions came about when Billy and Matt were hanging out on one of their famous late night drives, talking about what's going on in each others lives, our aspirations, and goals. Matt brought up the idea of a music production/studio sort of idea, after Billy had mentioned he wanted to turn his garage into a studio to make YouTube videos and podcasts. Originally the company was Called "Trapstar Records" but after a few months we disbanded with the name and came up with SouthSide Productions. Along the journey over those months Max became involved and brought the very fine idea to make a baseball podcast with Billy. This originated in November of 2018 when Billy and Max were just hanging out and playing video games, MLB The Show 18 to be exact. We brainstormed names and ideas for the podcst, and it came to Max out of no where - "Take A Pitch" was born.


Over time, the idea of an SSP expansion had become more prevalent. As a company that wants to give people as much creative control as possible, we set out on a talent search to find creative, dedicated content creators across a variety of forms in media. After a thorough talent search we decided to approach Nick Federico at TSSB about the idea of joining SSP. Max became familiar with Nick's work after a professor they both had at East Stroudsburg University, introduced the two of them. Nick along with Scott and Joe, have become key parts of what we're building at SSP. In addition to Tri State Sports Beat, we have added three new podcasts at the beginning of 2021. We have added On The Power Play with Brian, Adam and Matt, From the Tips with Brian and Ric, and Max has launched his own podcast The Cut.

The creator and CEO of SSP, Billy has a huge passion for baseball, success, and growing SSP to a huge business with many employees and clients. Whether it’s throwing the ball on the Diamond or talking about America’s Pastime, Billy’s love for the game is incomparable. If he’s not talking baseball, you can catch him with his family, girlfriend, and two dogs Harper and Zoey, or editing A1 podcasts or videos. He enjoys anything outdoors, and is a strong advocate for long drives and talks with the boys.


Billy has been involved in the media and entertainment industry for years. Whether it’s mixing music for artists or creating graphic designs in his free time, he is truly a jack of all trades. Like any newborn child, SSP is his pride and joy. He continues to help grow and develop new talent and entertainment each and every day, and is always looking for the next big thing.

If you look up “super fan”, Max should be the first result that comes up. He’s a born and raised Long Islander who is seasoned in everything and anything baseball. If he’s not talking baseball on the podcast, you best believe he will crack open a cold one with you and talk about it elsewhere. If he’s not talking about the game, he’s jamming out to country music, hanging out with his dog Bear, watching football with his pops, or brainstorming ways to promote the importance of mental health awareness.


As COO Max’s experience in media and entertainment is simply impressive. In college, he ran a renowned college station, 90.3 WESS and was named a finalist for the Best Artist/Band Interview at the 2018 Intercollegiate Broadcasting System conference. His balance of knowledge in the music entertainment and sports industries makes him a juggernaut at SSP. His interpersonal skills help leverage the organization and talent to new heights, and is always invited to all of his friends family outings.

Billy Piontek

Max Lutzker

The CIO of SSP, Mike has a huge passion for all sports especially baseball.  He grew up playing with Max which started their friendship which grew into being asked to help out with the podcast when it started and giving feedback on the episodes.  Before his time on the podcast he would help with creating previews for the divisions for the year previews.  Away from the podcast Mike spends his time watching all sports and gambling on them.  He enjoys listening to music and playing video games with his friends. 


Mike has began his media career joining in on his first episode of Take A Pitch and has contributed in all facets of the growing business.  He is always willing to help with anything that is need for the company and willing to learn new skills for the betterment of the brand.  He hopes to help the company expand and reach new heights as well as reach a broader audience. 

Mike Hindin